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Jewelry repair

With proper care and maintenance, fine jewelry has the remarkable capacity to last lifetimes. Thomas Markle Jewelers proudly stands as a bastion of top-tier fine jewelry repair services, encompassing a spectrum of needs ranging from modest adjustments to comprehensive restorations. Among the myriad repairs addressed are mending broken clasps, resizing rings, fixing loose prongs and an array of other indispensable services. Notably, customers receive complimentary estimates. Repairs are executed promptly and comprehensively under the guidance of knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Frequently asked questions

The cost varies depending on the type of repair needed. Simple repairs like resizing or soldering may be less expensive than intricate stone setting or restoring antique pieces. It's best to bring the piece in so a more accurate quote can be provided.

The duration depends on the complexity of the repair. Minor repairs may be done on the spot, while more intricate work might take a few days or weeks. TMJ will provide a timeframe when assessing the piece.

TMJ offers a one-year warranty on most repair work. This typically covers the specific repair performed. Clarification will be provided on the terms of the warranty before proceeding with the repair.

TMJ specializes in various types of repairs, such as metalwork, stone setting, or antique restoration.

Yes, restoration typically involves bringing an older or damaged piece back to its original state, including recreating missing components. Repair, on the other hand, focuses on fixing specific issues, such as broken clasps or loose stones.

TMJ welcomes you to bring in any repairs at your convenience. If more complex work is needed, please complete the contact form below and an appointment can be made. This ensures the repair coordinator has sufficient time to assess and discuss the repair with you.

Most certainly!  TMJ will ensure to match stones or recreate missing parts to maintain the overall aesthetic of the piece.

TMJ commonly works with various metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium and can repair pieces with most types of gemstones.

All gold is yellow gold. Rhodium is used to give the appearance of white, and the nickel alloy that allows for the bright finish.

Specific post care instructions will be provided. It is essential to follow these guidelines to maintain the longevity of the repaired piece. Regular cleaning and periodic check-ups can help prevent future issues.


  • We have been purchasing different watches and winders over the years. My wife is very satisfied with their service, specially Elaine. We have known her for over 3 years, she is very nice and helpful, she is always looking out for our needs. Will always recommend to anyone who wants to buy watches and jewelry!

    Cloud Anderson

  • Went in about six weeks ago to look at a Rolex Explorer. All staff there were super cool and friendly. Especially who Shai showed me many other models as well as a tour of the store. She contacted me as soon as the model I was interested in was an available and had it for me by the end of the day. Very clear communication and over all pleasant person do business with. I will definitely give you guys more of my money in the future.

    Philip Gonsoulin

  • Working with Bethany was great, she helped us see the vision of a new custom ring being built for my wonderful wife. It came out better than we believed it would, from start to finish Bethany was great to work with. I will be back soon.

    Richard Winn

  • I went in there to replace 2 watch batteries and they were able to do it quickly. The staff was friendly and professional.

    Patricia Meyers

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