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A gem of change

Types of Pearls

The Akoya has been the world’s most well-renowned pearl since the 1930’s. Akoya pearls are distinguished by their almost perfectly round shape and complemented by their extremely high luster, making them perfect for jewelry. You’ll see these pearls in everything from necklaces to stud earrings. They are cultivated in a small oyster which lives in the seas off Japan and China.

These lustrous beauties are desired for their multitude of alluring colors and mirror-like luster. Tahitian pearls consist of hundreds of hues with incredibly unique tones, including silvery green, blue and eggplant to list a few. The oysters which produce these pearls are found exclusively in Tahiti and other French Polnesian islands.

White South Sea Pearls are treasured for their classic color and remarkable size. Found off the shores of Australia, these pearls are usually a delicate creamy white with enchanting silver overtones.

Like White South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls are prized for their size. They are also the rarest and most valuable of pearls, due to their color, which can range from pale yellow to a rich golden hue which is known as “24-karat”. High quality Golden South Sea pearls are often found in the Philippines.







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