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Penny Preville - Unique Delicacy and Charm

Penny Preville - Unique Delicacy and Charm

Penny Preville is certainly one of the world’s most well-renowned brands, recognized for its delicate, feminine and charismatic selections. Their extensive collections feature beautiful handcrafted pieces, each masterfully designed by Penny Preville herself. In the following article we’ll discuss the history of the brand as well as reviewing three of their impeccable collections. 


Born of Beauty and Play

Little girls often explore their mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry boxes, where they discover the rich enchantment that beautiful pieces have to offer. This is exactly what happened to Penny Preville when she was a girl. Her passion for jewelry was born from going through her grandmother’s jewelry box and playing with the pieces. From these playful beginnings, her inspired brand was created.  


Becoming Penny Preville

Since the 1970’s, Penny Preville has brought her distinctive vision to the jewelry world, first through simple beaded pieces highlighted with feathers. In just a few years Penny started using precious materials to craft signature vintage designs. She sought to create jewelry she could wear, which was romantic but also worked for the contemporary woman’s lifestyle. Over time, her work evolved and gained broad recognition, winning awards, and endorsements from celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy herself.


An Enchanted Garden 

Penny Preville has exquisite collections to choose from, including Enchanted Garden. Featuring graceful feather, leaf and flower motifs, this lovely collection comes in Penny Preville’s characteristic 18K green, rose and white gold. Each design, whether it's an elegant bypass ring or a cascading pair of earrings, is creatively and carefully rendered to evoke the feeling of walking through an otherworldly garden.


Shooting for the Stars

Another of Penny Preville’s handcrafted and masterfully designed collections is Starburst. This collection is adorned with brilliant “starburst” designs in pendants, earrings, cuffs and rings. These starbursts radiate with the shine and brilliance of diamonds which are often a signature feature of Penny Preville styles. The diamond according to Penny is “the fairytale stone”, imbuing each Starburst piece with light and magic. Starburst additionally displays moon motifs and medallions, creating a stunning overall selection. 


A Splash of Color

The final Penny Preville collection this article will investigate is Watercolor. This stunning collection stands out amongst even Penny Preville’s incredible selections due to its use of colored stones, namely sapphires of varying tones. The vibrant and various hues in Watercolor bring fresh life to classic staples like bangles, hoop earrings and gemstone bands. 


A Designer for All Time

Penny Preville’s exclusive collections and the gorgeous designs that populate them embody femininity, delicacy and charm. While some of the brand’s collections could be described as vintage and heirloom in nature, others are all contemporary with straight lines and Art Deco inspired styling. Either way, Penny Preville’s gorgeous designs are made to be cherished for a lifetime, enduring for years to come. 

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