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Kwiat Platinum Ashoka® 7-Stone Partway Band

The Platinum Ashoka® Diamond Shared Prong 7-Stone Partway Band features seven Ashoka®--cut diamonds set in platinum. The shared-prong setting means that each diamond is held in place by a shared prong between adjacent diamonds, creating a seamless and continuous line of diamonds around the band. This type of setting allows for maximum exposure of the diamonds, enhancing their brilliance and sparkle. The diamonds are set partway around the band, leaving a plain metal section at the back for comfort and ease of resizing. The Ashoka® cut is a unique diamond cut that has 62 facets and is named after a famous Indian emperor who was known for his love of diamonds. The platinum provides a strong and durable backdrop for the diamonds, enhancing their beauty and sparkle. This type of wedding band is a popular choice for those who want a luxurious and sophisticated ring to wear as a symbol of their commitment. It can also be worn as a complement to an engagement ring or on its own as a standalone piece of jewelry.

Style Number: W-1146-150-DIA-PLAT
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