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1983 - Making A Name

Our Rolex History

After falling in love with the Jewelry industry, Thomas sets out with the goal of providing next-level customer service. To spread his name, Thomas visits banks, hair salons and other local establishments with a brown leather briefcase full of fine jewelry. After building a dedicated following, he officially opens the first Thomas Markle Jewelers in 1987. Shortly after, he has two children, Sarah and Philip, who fully embrace the industry.

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With a 5-star reputation under his belt and the desire to provide Houston with the world’s best watches, Thomas Markle became an Official Rolex Jeweler. Together, they deliver an unparalleled experience and selection of fine Swiss timepieces. This long standing partnership continues to drive Rolex enthusiasts and first-time buyers to Thomas Markle Jewelers to discover the rarest and most beautiful timepieces today.

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Thomas Markle Jewelers opens its flagship store in the iconic outdoor shopping center on Market Street in The Woodlands. As the industry evolves, so does TMJ, updating their offerings to include the latest and greatest brands and styles. Together, Thomas Markle and Rolex continue to cultivate an unparalleled experience in Texas. Over the years, the two brands offer a wellspring of fine Swiss timepieces in the lone star state.

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After the success of Woodlands, Thomas Markle Jewelers opens yet another beautiful location in Gateway Memorial City, the energy capital of the country. Our store is located across the street from the Memorial City Mall.

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Houston, TX - The TMJ team has continued to persevere and remain optimistic despite the many challenges faced throughout 2020. In an effort to bring a modern twist to the brand, Sarah and Philip take on leadership roles within the company. Sarah and Phil’s presence can already be felt throughout the store and in the company’s many marketing channels as they lead TMJ into the future. As Thomas Markle Jewelers continues to evolve and grow, so does our expertise of the Rolex brand. We are constantly updating our stores, our knowledge and our staff to ensure the best possible experience. Just as Rolex is committed to excellence, we are committed to you.

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