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The Thomas Markle difference

Our Rolex Team

The team at Thomas Markle Jewelers is ready to serve you as you select the luxury timepiece that best suits you among the wide range of Rolex styles and designs. Our stores in Houston and The Woodlands are entirely dedicated to Rolex, and only sell guaranteed Rolex timepieces.

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Thomas Markle entered the jewelry industry at the age of 18, and his passion for 5-star experience kickstarted a journey that has now spanned over 50 shining years. Today, he continues to set the standard for superior service and pushes his company to be a beacon of brilliance for those seeking a trusted jewelry brand. Throughout the history of TMJ, Thomas has cultivated a deep commitment to the Rolex brand. For over 20 years he has studied, admired and expanded his love for their incredible products. Thanks to this partnership, Thomas Markle Jewelers has evolved into one of the premier jewelry stores in the Lone Star State.

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Phil Markle has been selling Rolex for over 10 years and has achieved both intermediate and advanced Rolex training at their headquarters in Long Island City, NY. In addition to possessing the expert skill of dismantling and reassembling a Calibre 3135 movement, Phil is extremely well versed in the history of Rolex and the company’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf. “Hans was a visionary in his time. He was able to overcome numerous obstacles and preconceptions about the wristwatch to revolutionize the way we all tell time.” Phil loves attending Rolex Novelty Releases held in Switzerland and revels in getting the first look at new products. As a Rolex enthusiast, he is our resident expert and exceptionally knowledgeable when introducing the product to our sales staff and customers.

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Elaine Diaz has consulted clients on luxury timepieces for over 15 years. Her focus on client experience makes her an invaluable asset to both Thomas Markle Jewelers and the Rolex brand. As one of our most caring and knowledgeable professionals, Elaine shows continued dedication to excellence in every aspect of her world-class service.

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Salice Sanders started her journey at Thomas Markle Jewelers in 2004, when she began wrapping gifts part-time during the holidays. That seasonal job turned into an illustrious career in fine jewelry. Over the years, she has become an expert on designer brands, including renowned Rolex timepieces; and a compassionate and diligent guide for each and every client.

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Sarah Markle Harrington has been an integral part of the Thomas Markle Jewelers team for over 14 years. With deep insights into Rolex technologies and styles, Sarah has a talent for matching any individual with the perfect Rolex timepiece based on their unique needs and preferences. As Chief Operating Officer, she is a leader in extensive product knowledge and shining customer service on behalf of both Rolex and Thomas Markle Jewelers.

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